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Socialist Democracy April - May 2003 | Index




-Mufutau Elemikan (final year student, Lagos State Polytechnic)


"First of all, NCP Motto is 'Abolition of Poverty'. The major problem facing Nigeria is poverty and I believe this party can abolish poverty. Although, the ruling party said they want to eradicate poverty via NAPEP, but they have failed woefully. They failed because only insignificant portion of their members are beneficiaries of the programme. Not only this, the programme itself cannot eradicate poverty.

Secondly, I believe in the leadership of Chief Gani Fawehinmi. This is the only man who can salvage Nigeria and break the shackles of oppression, hunger and deprivation from the downtrodden masses. Not only that, Gani Fawehinmi serves as a check on the activities of NCP candidates. For example, before you can aspire for any position in NCP, you must declare your asset and also you must swear affidavit to abide by the code of conduct of the party. NCP is the only party of the masses, all other parties are money bag parties. So, I want to vote for National Conscience Party because it is the only party that care for the masses."




-Ngozi Uhuru (a Sales Representatives)


"I want to vote for NCP because I know it is the party that will make a change possible throughout the federation. It is the party that has something good to offer to the youth, workers and entire nation. NCP is the only party that has manifesto, all other parties has none. NCP is the only party that can care for the masses of Nigeria. For example, NCP has Ten-care programme i.e. housing care, electricity care, education care, telecommunication care, security care, health care, transportation care, food care, employment care and water care. All other parties are just pasting posters with no concrete programme they intend to implement if elected into office. Finally, I know when NCP government take over power, there would be a great change in the Nigerian economy."



-Saila Taofiq (Student)


"As the name of the party implies, the word conscience is significant to human nature and beside, the national chairman and presidential candidate of the party is a well known to the masses as a defender of cases that affect the masses. NCP is also a disciplined party where a lot of dignitaries like legal luminaries come together to change the fate of Nigeria. I personally understand the NCP presidential candidate as a man of principle and commitment, the man of conscience and God fearing, who can turn Nigeria into el-dorado if given chance to serve. I am therefore, imploring Nigerians through this medium to vote wisely and vote for National Conscience Party so that Nigeria will be transformed from its present predicament to a better one. Look at how Chief Gani Fawehinmi was attacked in Ondo State. That shows the level of desperation on the part of conventional politician who want to remove him from the political arena in order to weaken his party."




Socialist Democracy April - May 2003 | Index