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Socialist Democracy April - May 2003 | Index




1st of February, 2003, marked two years that student unionism in University of Ado-Ekiti (UNAD) had been moribund. This was the aftermath of the expulsion of two leading student activists namely: Idowu Israel (Aristotle) and Femi Akinroye (Computer) by the school management itself.




During the second semester of that dark session, a students' union executive led by Omokewo John Muyiwa was dissolved by the draconic school management for alleged corruption and abuse of office. Immediately, an electoral committee was set up by the management and it was led by one Dr. Wale Adesina. The students then realising the implication of an authority-appointed non-student leading the electoral committee reacted sharply but the management told them that there was no cause for alarm and that the integrity of the lecturer (electoral chairman) should not be doubted.

But the reverse was to be case as justice was prevented in a crude manner. Aristotle, Computer and some other popular student activists were screened out by the committee. Immediately, a students' congress was called and it was resolved within the rank and file of the students that the decision should be protested and even the attention of the leadership of NANS Zone D was called. The protest which was intended to be a peaceful one along the line turned violent, when a delegation of the students led by Femi Struggle (NANS Zone D mobilisation off) on their way to meet the school authority were assaulted, molested and tear gassed.

This crude acts by the management culminated into crisis and angry students destroyed some of the school properties while they were trying to secure the release of some of their representatives that have been arrested up at the Senate Building. This led to the serious clamp down of those student leaders by the management. Some were arrested and detained while others were banned from writing examination. At the end, they were all suspended and a stage managed panel was set up where many of those suspended were compelled to tender an apology letter. However, their main targets among the student activists (Aristotle, computer, Lucky, Aluge) were to expelled and banned from the campus.

These activists have suffered too much for a cause that was just. Hence, they should be immediately reinstated. The school authority should also provide all the basic amenities needed for a hitch free and a conducive learning atmosphere instead of pre-occupying themselves with attacking, oppressing, molesting and even arresting students who have always stood against their policies and lukewarm attitude to issues bordering on the students' welfare.






Socialist Democracy April - May 2003 | Index