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Socialist Democracy April - May 2003 | Index




The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), Polytechnic Ibadan branch and the entire Polytechnic Ibadan student condemn the obnoxious hike in school fees by the state government through the authority of the Polytechnic Ibadan. In the last four years, the students of Polytechnic Ibadan and their parent having made to pay exorbitant fees which as a result of which most students have been forced to withdraw from the school. Due to the commercialisation of education, the hostel has been privatised to private individual who now criminally collect as high as N60,000 per room as against N10,000. x

The AD government of Lam Adesina has increased school fees by 400%, privatised hostels, closed down the institution for 4 months in 1999 and 6 months in 2000, and arrested and jailed 14 students of the Polytechnic, Ibadan who have presently been charged to court. It also sacked of over 7000 workers of the institution among who are National Secretary General and gubernatorial candidate of the National Conscience Party in Oyo State, Femi Aborishade and Eng. Fawole Taiwo, the chairman of SATTHURAI, the Polytechnic Ibadan branch. As at the time of putting this write-up together, the pension of those sacked workers are yet to be paid. Out of those sacked, over 60 people have died. With all this catalogue of analysis, it is obvious that the party controlled by Alh. Lam Adesina has no good plan for education in the state.

There is in addition to the catalogue of problems confronting the students and staff: shortage of classroom, insecurity, cultism, poor laboratory, poor road network, shortage of lecturers, poor electricity, lack of water, etc. The management and the state government does not have any good plan for the students and staff and therefore we call on the students, parents, NANS, ASUP, NASU, SSATHURAI, SUG, etc, to join hands together to demand and struggle for proper funding of education in the Polytechnic, Ibadan.




The problem of cultism in the Polytechnic Ibadan is fast becoming alarming. Last session, over 10 students who are members of the cult groups were killed. Lacking any solution to stop the problem, the authorities have been given huge amount of money to these groups purported to keep peace by the Rector as part of the allowance from the school fees paid by the oppressed students of the school. This has not brought end to cultism.

We the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) condemn the activities of cultism. But we know that cultism on our campus is a reflection of the economic and social crises in our society and also the problem of poor funding, over-crowded classroom, poor laboratories, libraries and strikes caused by both the federal and state governments. We call on the authority to stop abetting this groups and we call on the state government to adequately fund education.




N1,000 is being collected by the authorities from those they suspect to have used fake results to gain admission to the institution. This is exploitative and illegal. We condemn the act of using fake result to gain admission into the institution but we equally condemn the management for collecting money from the suspects. The essence of posting the names of the students is just to collect N1,000. About 60% of the names that were pasted have their original certificates. We want to say that the authority should give back the money criminally collected from the students for verification because every student admitted have already paid for the verification of result.

The student should stand on the old fees and campaign against the obnoxious hike in school fees. This can only be done if the students' union and the entire students of the institution collectively say no to the fees.

As a lasting panacea, we in the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) want to state that we can have better living conditions when the economy of the country is owned and controlled by the people and not by some few people who are the servants of World Bank, IMF and imperialism.




Socialist Democracy April - May 2003 | Index