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Socialist Democracy April - May 2003 | Index



The workers of Nitol Textile held their union election on 15th February, 2003.

The only post to be contested was that of the union chairman, which was contested between Mr. Johnson Osedeye, a former union chairman and Mr. Monday Agahuwa. Mr. Monday Agahuwa had 12 votes while Mr. Johnson Osedeye had 30 votes. The post of secretary and treasurer were unopposed as Mr. Ocheme Godwin and Cordella Okpena respectively were returned. Six other members of the executives are Samuel Ayete, Isaac Nwogu, Thomson Sunday, Ganiya Dauda, Taiwo Ikuesan and Omolaja Akingboye.




The newly elected chairman promised to make working conditions better in Nitol.

Though the company is large, the conditions of the workforce is very appalling. There is no canteen, no good drinking water and the annual increment per year is N100. Casual workers are widely used.

Medical facility for junior staff does not extend to the members of their immediate families.

There is no regular promotion; when one is in level 1, he/she can be there for ten years. There is no training system for the junior staff. The feeding allowance has just been increased from N30 to N40 per day, transport from N60 to N75.

The newly elected executives will have to address these problems. This can be achieved by building a democratic rank-and-file based union, with regular mass meetings of workers to discuss and take decisions on issues affecting the working conditions. Through this, not only will the union enjoy the support and confidence of the members, it will make it difficult for the management to victimise any activist fighting for workers' interests.

15 copies of DSM's newspaper, Socialist Democracy were sold at the election while N200 was donated to our struggle fund.




Socialist Democracy April - May 2003 | Index