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DSM news

22 November 2018

DSM Holds National Meeting to Prepare for 2019 Elections and Struggles Ahead

The Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) held its National Committee (NC) meeting on Saturday, November 17 and Sunday, November 18 at the International Press Centre, Ogba Lagos. The two-day deliberation came at a time when the DSM is intervening in the forthcoming 2019 general election through the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) – a political party whose registration was initiated by the DSM. There were inspiring discussions around the tasks of building the DSM and SPN especially in the wake of a mass disillusionment that has trailed the failure of the Buhari/Osinbajo presidency. Quite inspirational were the reports from the branches of the organisation that had stood on socialist programmes under the banner of the Socialist Party of Nigeria in gubernatorial and local council elections of Osun and Oyo states respectively.

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13 May 2018


Nigeria Perspective Resolution of the DSM 22nd Congress, April 2018

Perhaps more than any written texts could have done, the events of the past three years in Nigeria have in immeasurable ways confirmed the teachings of Marxism. For Marxists, capitalism is the root cause of inequality, economic crises and lack of development and only the overthrow of the entire system, not simply replacing one set of the ruling elite by another, is the only panacea.

In in 2015, driven by anger over the 16-year misrule of the PDP, the working masses and youth pitched their tent with the so-called progressive wing of the capitalist class represented by the then opposition All Progressive Congress (APC).

But the experience has been one of abysmal failure of the Buhari/Osinbajo All Progressive Congress (APC) government on the economic and political fronts despite the hope and expectation of over 15 million voters.

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12 May 2018


Resolution of the DSM 22nd Congress, April 2018

Internationally, there has been much mention of economic 'recovery' but there has mean no creation of substantial, long-term jobs in much of the US, in Europe (in the East as well as the West) or in the neo colonial world. Even a reasonable upturn could help to restore the confidence of the working class and prepare the masses for struggle. In fact, this is a 'recovery' once more largely fuelled by debt, the figures for which continue to alarm the capitalist class worldwide.

The effects of this will be profound not just in advanced countries but in the neo-colonial world even, perhaps particularly, China. The US and China are now the dominant, decisive players in the world economy. Yet by not overcoming the 2007-08 crisis, and using debt to stoke the economy, the fear of another financial crash is still there and potent.

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9 May 2018

Segun Sango at 60

Founding DSM General Secretary celebrates 6oth birthday

Segun Sango, socialist, revolutionary, legal practitioner, on May 7 celebrated his 60th birthday. While recent ill health has limited his political activity he has keenly followed developments. This is particularly so concerning the eventually successful struggle of the Socialist Party of Nigeria, of which he is founding Chairperson, to secure INEC registration.

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20 April 2018


The 22nd Congress of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) has come and gone but its import in terms of the mapping out of a programme for the development of the class struggle in Nigeria will continue to reverberate.

This was by far one of the most tasking national meetings of the DSM in recent times. Discussions lasted into the night of the last day, yet the attendance was still great. The enthusiasm and energy displayed by comrades all indicate the enormous confidence that now exist especially because of the SPN and the prospect that we will not be mere spectators in coming elections but we can now have more impact on the situation.

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31 October 2017

Alfred Adegoke, Osun State Chairperson of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Defeats Department of State Security Service (SSS) in Court

Awarded N500,000 Damages

On October 10th, 2017, the Federal High Court, Osogbo Division, gave a victorious judgment to Comrade Alfred Adegoke against the Department of State Security Service (a.k.a SSS).

Barrister Adegoke is Osun state legal adviser of the Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR) – a platform of the Democratic Socialist Movement – and the Osun State Chairperson of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN). He had filed a fundamental right enforcement motion in court about two (2) years ago, against the SSS whose operatives invaded the secretariat of the CDWR and the private legal office of Barrister Adegoke, harassed him in the full glare of the public, unleashed serious physical violence on him and then detained him for four hours in the SSS office in Osogbo.

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28 October 2017

Successful Weekend of Discussion at DSM National Committee

Over the weekend of Saturday 16 to Sunday 17 October 2017, the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) – CWI Nigeria - had its National Committee (NC) meeting. The meeting held in Ogba, Lagos and was attended by over 60 delegates and observers representing over 12 students and community branches.

The agenda for discussion for both days centred on the “Capitalist crisis, National Question: Programme for the Nigerian revolution” and “World relations” and also included Building the DSM and struggle for SPN registration; Labour work; Students work; Women’s work; Community struggles and Finance.

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28 October 2017

Nigeria Resolution

DSM National Committee Meeting October 14 -15 2017

Nigeria's socio-economic and political problems seem to have no solution, over two years into the Buhari/APC 'change' government. In every sphere of governance, the government is struggling to maintain a balance, albeit an unsettled one. Economic situation, in spite of the official exit from recession, is getting worse and unmitigated for the working people. Every time official statistics are released, even with their conservative estimation, the worsening state of the economy is starkly exposed. The country's rapid population growth means that, even if the current official GDP growth figures are correct, per capita GDP is still actually falling.

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2 August 2017

CWI/IR unification: An historic strengthening of the forces of Marxism

22 July unification congress unanimously approves unification document and incorporation of IR into CWI

The Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI), the worldwide socialist organization which the Democratic Socialist Movement is part of, recently fused with Izquierda Revolucionaria (Revolutionary Left), an organization based in Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. The result is a big strengthening of the CWI’s presence in the Spanish speaking world.

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7 May 2017


Growing popular anger and the tasks of socialists

The beginning of April 1 saw over 60 comrades and sympathizers gather in Lagos for a National Committee meeting of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) that discussed the Nigerian, and world, situations and how to build resistance to austerity and support for the ideas of socialism. Amongst the political and organizational issues discussed were the seemingly intractable socio-economic crisis in Nigeria and world relations and economy. Dagga Tolar opened the discussion on Nigeria situation while Comrade Sophie Simcox from the Committee for a Workers International (CWI) gave the introduction on international developments around the world.

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