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Socialist Democracy Special Bulletin August 2003

26th July 2003 Socialist Democracy Paper of Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) Special Bulletin August 2003 General Strike against fuel price rise: The Lesson For The Working Masses After eight days of grim heroic struggles, the Obasanjo government was forced to reduce the recent increment in fuel prices by 15%. Now petrol officially is to sell at N34 per litre instead of

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Socialist Democracy April – May 2003

Socialist Democracy April – May 2003   2003 ELECTIONS: VOTE NCP REJECT PDP, AD, ANPP AND OTHER MONEYBAG PARTIES BUILD A MASS MOVEMENT FOR SOCIALIST CHANGE   Vote NCP – Reject PDP, AD, ANPP And Other Moneybag Parties; Build A Mass Movement For Socialist Change Why We’ll Vote For NCP   Interviews With DSM Comrades Standing As NCP Candidates End

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Socialist Democracy Feb – Mar 2003

Socialist Democracy Feb – Mar 2003 2003 Elections REJECT THE MONEYBAG PARTIES * Build A Mass-Based NCP * Fight For Socialist Policies To End Nigeria’s Crisis The tempo of political activities has quickened in the country following the release of the time-table for the 2003 national and state elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). By this time-table, election

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Socialist Democracy Nov – Dec 2002

Socialist Democracy Nov – Dec 2002 Political Violence, Election Rigging … Only The Masses Can Save Civil Rule   The recent period has witnessed an upsurge in political violence as a result of unbridled rivalry between the different factions of the capitalist ruling elite in different parts of the country. During the same period, the so-called Independent National Electoral Committee